Wedding dress New York

Stuff We Love: Sarah Janks Wedding Dresses

The wedding gowns of Sarah Janks are a beautiful mix of glam and gorgeous, deluxe and feminine.

Sarah Janks Wedding Dresses

The gorgeous designs of Sarah Janks. Wedding dresses never looked so glam with each dress looking more luxurious than the last. A real choice for the magpies amongst you who just love a bit of sparkle, and coming up to New Years who doesn’t? Sarah’s designs are quite girly and are a fab fusion of tulle and embellishment as well as silky fabrics that will drape beautifully.

Wedding dress new York

Despite the embellishment every aspect of Sarah Jank’s dresses are soft and utterly feminine. The silhouettes are ever so pretty and the necklines are sweet and flattering.

Wedding dress new york

Wedding dress New York

Of course the dominant colour here is bridal hues of white and ivory but colour is injected in the gold and pearl beading. They photograph excellently, catching the light and adding a little glow and glitz.

Wedding Dress New York

The dresses are also not over the top bridal and it’s no surprise that Sarah Janks designs as much general fashion as she does bridal wear.

Wedding dree design New York

Love Sarah Janks as much as us? Check out her collections over on and don’t forget to have a look through our Wedding dress New York!

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